Red River Gorge, KY

Red River Gorge, KY

About Me

I am a Biology instructor and lab coordinator at Transylvania University in Lexington, KY. I'm from eastern Kentucky, and grew up playing in the streams, woods, and hills around my home. Because of this, I became very interested in the natural world. I now have degrees in Environmental Science (BS), Forestry (MS), and Entomology (PhD). My interests are wide and varied, but my research has focused on the ecological effects of invasive plant and animals, invertebrate biodiversity, and conservation. I hope that my classes inspire students to consider the environment, and slow down periodically to observe the natural world around them no matter what they ultimately decide to major in.

I started this blog because the students enrolled in my Biology and Human Concerns course during the Fall 2014 term will be required to write blog posts throughout the semester in response to the course material. I will take part in this blogging project as well. Stay tuned!

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